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It is said this is a new age that a hero fight alone will lose but a team work together will win.Team work will make 1 plus 1 more than 2. In SKYLINE voice team, there is no hero, but surely have a heroic team. And SIMPLE (Sincerity,Industrious,Marvelous,Prompt,Love,Enthusiastic) is this heroic team’s culture.

Sincerity is the key to developing great teams and client-based relationships. And also there is an old saying in China which is“The sincerity can make metal and stone crack”. We strongly believe this saying and take this as one of our code of conduct.

We can stay up whole night, we can work in the holidays, we can sleep only 4 or 5 hours per day,because we insist in VoIP market, if you do not work hard, you wont get any good result,”No pains,no gains” To offer the best and show our partners the best of ourself, we need work harder and harder.

We are professional team, connected with over 200 carriers, owns over 10 direct line in less than 2 year. With 3 noc team’s 7*24 support, we have confidence that we can surely do better.

Time is money, especially in Voice Carriers Business,we response fast, we act fast, and we change fast together with the world. And this heroic team,together hopefully to get this brand SKYLINE to be one of the most popular name in this field within 5 years.

In our team, everybody treat anyone of others as one of their home members, we share the happiness, we bare sufferings. We laugh together,cry together, and we grow up together. And we have a faith that this family will be bigger & bigger.

Warm,kind ,none of these words can describe our team.There is an fire deeply rooted in our heart. And this fire drived us treat good to all the things related to our team as mad as possible.We welcome all VoIPer come to build relationships with us,SKYLINE, will help you & your company to be an legend!!!



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